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I'm using Meteor with another CMS, and am creating a url with the variables I need to run Meteor (ex. http://site.com?a=flash&b=hash). How to I make those variables usable, and get Meteor to ignore it as a location? When I load the url like that, my app doesn't load correctly, presumably because it thinks I'm requesting a different location.

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Use of the querystring in Meteor should have no effect unless you're using eg. Meteor Router to invoke different methods depending on the current URL.

If you want to parse the querystring, just parse it by hand with eg. (in coffeescript)

 querystring: ->
    qs = {}
    for pair in window.location.search.replace("?", "").split "&"
      [k, v] = pair.split("=")
      qs[k] = v

Which will return an object like:

{ "a": "flash", "b": "hash" }
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weird - I'm not using any special routing methods. I have a function to parse the URL and get the variables, but the existing database collections aren't loaded if I add those vars to the querystring. –  Trevor Newhook Jan 4 '13 at 5:28
Indeed weird. I'm not able to reproduce that. Try figuring out what the exact problem is (make a new empty meteor app, keep adding things until it breaks) and try submitting an issue on Github? –  Rahul Jan 4 '13 at 8:32

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