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I'm trying to build a rootfs for an x86 target, which is all simple enough. However I can't figure out how I configure the kernel that buildroot produces. The first run through came up with menuconfig, but it's cached the .config since then and I can't see where to change it.

~650MB of kernel modules don't do good things to an embedded target :P

Is there an easy way to configure the kernel within buildroot? Something like the uclibc-menuconfig target would be perfect.

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This might be better answered at or maybe. –  mctylr Feb 20 '10 at 6:01

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I always do the following:

  1. configure Linux kernel: make linux-menuconfig
  2. After leaving menuconfig your configuration will be stored in file: output/build/linux-XYZ/.config where XYZ is your kernel version.
  3. After that you can copy file output/build/linux-*XYZ*/.config to board/your_kernel_config/.config
  4. later in Buildroot menuconfig you can under kernel settings configure to use custom kernel config file and enter path: board/your_kernel_config/.config
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make linux-xconfig works as well. It has the added benefit that if you search for something, you can select it in the search window, and it updates the main window to the location of that item. –  Shawn J. Goff Apr 29 '12 at 14:34
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And the answer is:

make linux26-menuconfig
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