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I'm having problems with a custom .nupkg file I have created as the .nuspec file is being added to the package itself. The .nuspec file is held directly under the \src directory and I am using the following command to create the package:

nuget pack .\src\package.nuspec -Version -OutputDirectory C:\Packages\

I am packing directly against the .nuspec file since my solution contains multiple projects each targeting a different .Net version.

Inside the package file, the two files at the root are the "[Content Types].xml" and the .nuspec file (besides the "_relS", "lib" and "package" directories).

For reference I have not yet posted the package and have just a local repository directory.

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You need to put the nuspec file outside the src folder

|- src 
   |- [contents]
   |- [contents]
|- package.nuspec

Now, run the command in baseFolder

nuget pack package.nuspec -Version -OutputDirectory C:\Packages\
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