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I have mysql view with combining multiple tables column. I want to only select data from this view to display web in html page. no need to create/update/delete using GORM. how can I define the domain class for this view?

my view is like this.

view name: testview
col1 int,
col2 varchat(50),
col3 date


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What is the primary key? –  James Kleeh Jan 4 '13 at 3:16
Yes I understand this is a view, I meant to ask what is the "acting" primary key? –  James Kleeh Jan 4 '13 at 3:26

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Assuming col1 is the primary key:

class View {
    Integer col1
    String col2
    Date col3

    static mapping = {
        table name: "testview"
        version false
        id name: "col1", generator: "assigned"

        // These are unnecessary unless you change the name of the fields
        col1 column: "col1"
        col2 column: "col2"
        col3 column: "col3"
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Grails gorm does not provide direct access to views, but you can try HQL, or refer to Elegant ways to handle database views on hibernate entities?.

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