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I connect to a MongoDB with the latest C-Driver. When I insert a float value, say 1.0043820142745972, and then query it back I only seem to get 1.004382! For some reason all float values get truncated to 6 digits past the decimal point.

here's the code that I use to query it back

bson_append_double(query, "column", value);

and when I iterate through the results with mongo_cursor_next() I access the value with bson_iterator_double.

How can I get the exact value back as it is stored in the database?

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when I use Umongo to browse the collection then I can see the full float value being stored. Just can't retrieve it using the C API. I also tried using PHP and the returned value is still truncated, but this time to 13 decimal points. –  airtruk Jan 4 '13 at 3:13

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You do get your value back, it's just a matter of print format.

Printing out the value in question to full precision, we see that it's the same value for both representations:

Prelude Text.FShow.RealFloat> FF 1.0043820142745972
Prelude Text.FShow.RealFloat> FF 1.004382

By default, floating point values are printed with six digits after the decimal point in C, so the value is rounded when you look at it.

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