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I have a calculator-type app in the store that has some editText boxes that only allow numbers, decimals, and negative numbers.

I put in the XML android:inputType="numberDecimal|numberSigned".

This worked great for every device I tested it on, except I just got a email from someone using a Kindle Fire first-generation saying that they can't input a decimal or negative number because . and - are greyed out.

I set up a Kindle Fire first-generation emulator in Eclipse and started playing around, and sure enough I found the following:


which caused both . and - to be greyed out.

numberDecimal and numberSigned both work fine when they are only paired with "number" but not each other.

Does anyone know how to make numberDecimal|numberSigned work together, or make a editText only allow numbers, decimals, and negative versions of the two former on the Kindle Fire first-generation?

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