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I have an Excel application which doesn't close. This my code

    xlApp = new Excel.Application();
    Workbooks = xlApp.Workbooks;
    xlWorkBook = Workbooks.Open(FileUpload1.PostedFile.FileName, 0, true, 5, "", "", true, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlPlatform.xlWindows, "\t", false, false, 0, true, 1, 0);
    xlWorkSheet = (Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkBook.Worksheets.get_Item(1);

And now a try to kill Excel process like this:

Process[] exProc = Process.GetProcessesByName("EXCEL");
foreach (Process proc in exProc)

But I don't know how to kill process, which I started.

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I think you need to release you Excel COM object for it to close properly

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When you are creating a process, try to keep it's handle in a variable, like use CreateProcess API which will return HANDLE to process you've created, using that HANDLE, you always can get process ID using GetProcessID API.

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