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How us the policy based routing in cisco for below scenario :

Wan 1 : 

  ip address : 
  subnetmask :
  gateway    :

Wan 2 :

  ip address : 
  subnetmask :
  gateway    :

Lan :

  ip address : 
  subnetmask :

I want to allow the wan for,,


I want to allow the wan for,,

with using access list

Please help me complete this

Thanks in advance ..

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Try something like that: for example for interface with IP

Create access list to tell PBR to not inclue traffic to internal network (you can use it for all PBR or you can specify your own depend on your needs)

ip access-list extended ACL_FOR_PBR
deny ip any
permit ip any any

next create the Policy Based Routing rule #1 :

route-map PBR_RULE_13 permit 1
match ip address ACL_FOR_PBR
set ip next-hop

next apply rule to the interface

interface Fa0/13
ip policy route-map PBR_RULE_13

Do the same for other interfaces.

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