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I need to search particular folder in directory.

I dont want to go for files, no need to search files.

I can search particular folder in directory but for I have to go for loop of files like

foreach (FileInfo f in dir.EnumerateFiles())
foreach (DirectoryInfo d in dir.EnumerateDirectories())
   Call function recursively

I need to search particular folder only. Because I have so many files around 20,000 , so If I use above code than loop will go all the files, and take more time.

But I need some folders only like

Regex.IsMatch(dir.FullName, @"1293.*T.*"))

How can i do that without going in files loop.

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Im not sure what your wanting, but by the sounds of it, you will only need to run the foreach (DirectoryInfo d in dir.EnumerateDirectories()) { Call function recursively } –  Jastill Jan 4 '13 at 4:40

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If the search pattern provided by the overload of Directory.GetDirectory isn't strong enough for your needs, you can use a custom method.

static string SearchDirectory(string path, string pattern)
    var regex = new Regex(pattern);
    foreach (var d in Directory.GetDirectories(path))
        var dirName = d.Substring(d.LastIndexOf('\\') + 1);
        if (regex.IsMatch(dirName)) return d;
        SearchDirectory(d, pattern);
    return null;
    //Or throw an Exception

You might want to surround the foreach loop in a try/catch block.

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You can use the System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories overload that accepts a search pattern.

For example:

string[] dirs = Directory.GetDirectories(@"c:\", "c*");
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I have used dir.EnumerateDirectories("1293*T*") ... its not working for me –  Lajja Thaker Jan 4 '13 at 4:50

Your question is very confusing, but do you want to get the directories that match the Regex pattern?

foreach (DirectoryInfo d in dir.EnumerateDirectories().Where(d => Regex.IsMatch(dir.FullName, @"1293.*T.*")))

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