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I'm trying to accomplish this bit of code:

ORDER BY IF(j.groups IS NULL OR j.groups = '',  IF(j.title IS NULL, i.title), j.groups)

In English: order by j.groups first if it exists, then by j.title if it eixsts, then finally by i.title. But the above isn't working out.

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NULL should come first or not? –  John Woo Jan 4 '13 at 4:59
Shouldn't you have an else-clause for the inner IF as well? –  Amadan Jan 4 '13 at 5:00

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Try this:

ORDER BY IF(j.groups IS NULL OR j.groups = '', IFNULL(j.title, i.title), j.groups);


ORDER BY COALESCE(j.groups, j.title, i.title);


ORDER BY IF(j.groups IS NULL OR j.groups = '', IF(j.title IS NULL, i.title, 1), j.groups);
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You forgot the else part of your inner IF. Try this:

  j.groups IS NULL OR j.groups = '',
    j.title IS NULL,
    j.title -- this was missing

But I find this syntax much more readable:

ORDER BY COALESCE(IF(j.groups = '', NULL, j.groups), j.title, i.title)
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