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What are some web UI automation frameworks available out there?

I know about this question, but it was asked 3 years ago and things have changed a lot since then. I just wanted to find out if the answers to that question are still relevant or there have been newer and better tools developed since.

I'm asking this again because after doing some googling I've stumbled upon tools such as Geb and Capybara that were not mentioned as an answer in that question.

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You can use WATIR with Cucumber. Infact facebook uses watir for its UI automation.

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I would definitely stick with Selenium, TestNG (and Selenium Grid for industrialisation).

If you want something at a slightly lower layer, you can also look at HtmlUnit.

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IBM Rational Functional Tester (IE and older firefox builds) or QA Wizard.
RFT runs on Java/Eclipse.


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Sahi (http://sahi.co.in/) should be the best alternative for selenium. One can use java or javascript for the sahi scripts, php and ruby driver is also available (no personal experience with Ruby or php). Very effective with cross browser as well as cross-platform.

Some of the lovable features are: No explicit wait required. For element identification _near, _under, _in etc ApI's are very useful. Logging/Report, feature is inbuilt with Sahi. No Complex configuration required to run the Sahi scripts

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