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I am trying to connect Oracle 10g database server from my client PC using toad 10 Commercial. I have Oracle 10g installed in my PC. When I try to connect, it gives error Can't initialize OCI.Error -1 . So far I am able to perform tnsping to the oracle server. I have all the settings working in my tnsnames.ora. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


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Found the solution myself. The problem was with windows 7 permission issue. I opened Toad with run as administrator , privilege and the problem get solved.

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Taken from

RESOLUTION 1: Right-click the Toad for Oracle shortcut and select "Run as Administrator" to avoid the error.

RESOLUTION 2: Right-click the Toad for Oracle shortcut | Properties | Compatibility Tab | check mark "Run this program in compatibility mode for" | choose "Windows XP Service Pack 3" from the drop-down list.

RESOLUTION 3: Right-click My Computer | Properties | Advanced tab | Environment Variables | under ‘System Variables’ (lower part) | check if you have an entry for ORACLE_HOME. If yes, rename it to ORACLE_HOME_OLD, and then re-test the issue.

RESOLUTION 4: Upgrade your Oracle client to a version that is or later.

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I have another resolution. I had this issue ater setting NLS_LANG environment variable to LATIN AMERICAN SPANISH. When rebooting windows7, TOAD would not start showing error Can't initialize OCI. Error -1 I had to delete NLS_LANG / NLS_LANGUAGE environment variable. Now i have to set NLS_LANGUAGE executing ALTER SESSION while logged in TOAD. No OCI error anymore.

Hope it halps.

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Kindly follow up the below steps to solve the (Can't initialize OCI. Error -1)title issue.

  1. go to enviroment variable
  2. remove all variable path in user variable.
  3. Also check the permission.

Thanks Anandaraj

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