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I've found that if I make a wx.ScrollBar directly, I can modify its background color via the SetBackgroundColour() function. However, I'm unsure of how to reference to Scrollbar when it's part of a wx.ScrolledWindow.

How do I get reference to the Scrollbar in a ScrolledWindow?

A second question is this, is there a way to change more than just the Background color on a Scrollbar? I'm attempting to implement a "nighttime" mode, and thus want to mute all the colors a bit. Doing this in the rest of the program was fairly straight forward, but the scrollbars remain a problem.

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You can get the reference to each ScrollBar (one horizontal and one vertical) by querying scrolledwindow.GetChildren() like:

sw = wx.ScrolledWindow(self)
for child in sw.GetChildren():
  if isinstance(child, wx.ScrollBar):
    print child

Regarding your second question, there's SetForegroundColour(). You can always look through the documentation by doing:

>>> import wx
>>> help(wx.ScrollBar)
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