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I want to update the single entity field using ajax. Basically I don't have form, Simply I am triggering ajax by clicking link passing id and value. But I have mutiple file fields in entity form. So while I update the entity PrePersist and PostPersist functions are triggering for file upload. I don't want to do this on this update.

My Controller Action

public function ajaxupdateAction(Request $request){

        $data  =  $request->query->get('data');

        $id = $data['id'];

         $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
         $entry = $em->getRepository('RootContestBundle:Entry')->find($id);

        if (!$entry) {
            throw $this->createNotFoundException('Unable to find Entry entity.');

        $form =  $this->createFormBuilder(array('id' => $id,'is_liked'=>true))
                    ->add('id', 'hidden')



     return new JsonResponse(array('reverse'=>'dislike'));


What I am doing wrong, How can I solve this !

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Give me your postPersist subscriber. When I do the file upload i add the event subscriber to a Form(ex postBind) but not to entity – Max Małecki Jan 4 '13 at 13:29
@MaxMałecki: I did exactly as in symfony2 cook book. So How can add event subscriber to form instant of entity – Gowri Jan 4 '13 at 14:39

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Here you got an documentation about the form event subscribers:

  1. Use the postBind event.
  2. Then check if the form isValid()
  3. If it is valid call your service responsible for file upload.

Here is how I did this:

public function postBind(FormEvent $event)
    $data = $event->getData();

    $form = $event->getForm();
    $file = $form->get('upload')->getData();
    if($file && $form->isValid())
        $result = $this->upload->uploadFile($file);

My method has the upload service injected by DI and assigned to variable $this->upload.

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