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I'm looking for a gem that will allow super simple voting. I'm going to let anyone vote on records, as there are no users at all. I found this and this but they seem to require a 'voter' model (a user model) to act as the 'votee'.

Are there any gems out there that don't require a 'votee' model?

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If you need a simple solution why don't you just make one yourself? You can have

class Record < ActiveRecord ::Base
  has_many :ratings, :through => :votes

Votes would be a model that just references the record and the vote value. It could simply have record_id and value fields.

To get number of votes you could do something like record.ratings.count

You could also find average etc. pretty easily through a similar approach: record.ratings.sum(:value).to_f / record.ratings.count

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