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We have a pair of applications. One is written in C# and uses something like:

 string s = "alpha\r\nbeta\r\ngamma\r\ndelta";
 // Actually there's wrapper code here to make sure this works.
 System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.SetDataObject(s, true);

To put a list of items onto the clipboard. Another application (in WinBatch) then picks up the list using a ClipGet() function. (We use the clipboard functions to give people the option of editing the list in notepad or something, without having to actually cut-and-paste every time.)

In this particular environment, we have many users on one system via Citrix. Many using these pairs of programs.

Just one user is having the problem where the line delimiters in the text are getting switched from CRLF to LF somewhere between the SetDataObject() and the CLipGet(). I could explain this in a mixed Unix/Windows environment, but there is no Unix here. No unix-y utilities anywhere near this system either. Other users on the same server, no problems at all. It's like something in Windows/Citrix is being "helpful" when we really don't want it, but just for this one guy.


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Have you tried clearing their profile on Citrix? That seems to be the solution to many many user specific Citrix problems.

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Does Environment.NewLine behave differently on Citrix environments? If so, it may give you a good option that works for all users instead of \r\n.

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