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I want know how to install and use gerrit in eclipse. I does not found any easy and helpful documentation for the same.

I already have Git plugin installed in eclipse and I am using it, now I want to know about the gerrit.

I went through this link Enabling_Gerrit_for_your_Eclipse but they are asking me to give infromation about project and the repository URL..Can it will be possible without these information??

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Link that you mentioned talks about how to enable Gerrit only for developers, not for general public like you.

You can install Gerrit Mylyn plugin, however it is still beta quality and lacks serious documentation.

In real life, I prefer to use repo and repo upload to submit code reviews, and track them via standard Gerrit web interface.

While repo was designed by Android project, it is very generic tool and can be used for any other project (but only on Mac or Linux, not Windows, unfortunately). repo has excellent integration with Gerrit to submit your code.

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