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I am working on Oracle Data Integrator 11g

I have to create an ODI package, where I need to process an incoming file. The file name is not a constant string, as it has a timestamp entry appended to it, something like this: FILTER_DATA_011413.TXT

Due to the MMDDYY, I can't hardcode the filename in my package. The way, we're handling it right now is, a shell script lists the files in the directory, and loads the filename into a table (using control file). This table is then queried to get the filename and the same is passed to the variable which stores the filename for processing.

I am looking for any other way, where I can avoiud having this temporary table to store the file name.

Can someone suggest me any alternative?

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I think it is mmddyy :) –  Florin Ghita Jan 4 '13 at 6:52

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Take a look at https://blogs.oracle.com/dataintegration/entry/using_variables_in_odi_creatin This is complicated loop example, there are simplier ways.

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