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i am searching for a support ticket system to be easily integrated on an eshop. All orders, inquiries or contact requests should be opened as a new ticket since they might lead to successull punchuate. Status for each ticket might be usefull. Have you worked with anyhting similar? How do ecommerse stores manage their backend crm with their eshop?

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RT (Request Tracker) is another popular open source ticket tracking system. It supports a feature called lifecycles which you could use to create different ticket workflows for order tracking and customer support. You can run it completely self-hosted.

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Thank you for your suggestion, i checked it and i end up that i ll need to avoid the use of 2 different crms (eg existing online store where customers punctuate orders and RT). My requirements are more specific and clear now. I ll need to use this mail integrated ticketing system in our intranet so customers wont have access to their ticket view. They will just receive an email and if they reply back that reply should be grouped with previous contact. Any software that could work like that? –  HaCos Mar 21 '13 at 18:19
I'm not exactly sure what you need, but RT can operate completely via email and there are even extensions to pull content from email and perform custom actions. –  Jim Brandt Mar 22 '13 at 17:39

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