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I'm using Hibernate search 4.2, Lucene 3.6.

I have following column in the domain:

@Column(name = "summarycontent")
@Field(index = Index.YES, store = Store.YES)
public String getSummarycontent() {
    return this.summarycontent;

In database i have data: abcdef dsfasdf 14/12 fdfdf.

when perform query: query: +summarycontent:14/12~0.3

it return no result.

I think it because Lucene haven't escape forward slash character in word: "14/12".

Please help me to handle Lucene search with forward flash character in Hibernate.


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You need to look at the different tokenizers available in Lucene, as I think both the Classic and Standard tokenizer throw away '/' during tokenizing.

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