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my problem is as it follows:

I have a piece of javascript code which generates a "new" document using document.write and at first I write the entire heading of the web page. In that head I have a bit of CSS code which looks like this:

<style type='text/css'> 
.black {background-color: black;} 
.white {background-color: #ffffff;} 
td {width:50px; height:50px;} 

And javascript draws a table in the body section. Writing code is basically two for loops which draw a chess board. But that doesnt even matter. Every td element gets a class black or white by which it gets properly coloured. And every td gets a onclick='changeBg(this)' attribute.

Here is where the problem comes to life. I can not access the background color of the element that gets clicked. Function looks like so:

function changeBg(element)
    element.style.backgroundColor = "red";

At first I alert the color of the current element. It always alerts a blank notification. After I change the color to red and click on the element again it alerts red. The td's are coloured in the browser and if I inspect them with firebug the have background-color: black | white;

What am I missing and how to fix this? I have realised that if I set td color when creating them using style="color: black | white"; it works but then I dont know to which class they belong.

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You can get the currently applied style using window.getComputedStyle - Docs

function changeBg(element) {
    element.style.backgroundColor = "red";
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