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Im new to OOP concepts (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism).

Could someone please explain OOP using a SPORTS example such as Sport which can have subclasses (Football, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, snooker, etc).

Also what would be the basic structure for a Athlete Management System.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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I suppose it's a little difficult to explain you a so wide argument as OOP in a single answer. try to be more specific. Ask different questions for the concepts you can't understand. – davioooh Jan 4 '13 at 15:21
1 ,what did you search before ? – mpm Jan 4 '13 at 15:30

This is a pretty generic question, and not easy to answer precisely, but here are a few pointers, which should hopefully give you some ideas about Inheritance and Polymorphism at least.

  • All sports (the concepts) are in fact, instances of Sport (the class). This means that the classes Football, Boxing, etc, all inherit from the class Sport.
  • Things that can be done in Sport, can be done in any subclass of Sport, since it is in fact, a sport. For instance, if Cheer(), Score(), and win() are defined as methods in Sport, then each of the sub-classes can also perform these - that is inheritance!
  • Each sport may however, have different ways of scoring. If so, they can override the method from Sport, and provide their own logic for this. They must, however, still comply with the definition of the method Score() set down in Sport, for them to be able to behave as a Sport. This is polymorphism!
  • Cheering and winning may be the same concept in all sports, so they can just be inherited from Sport

A simple pseudo code example. This may be pretty stupid (and maybe not even technically correct in sports terms, but I hope you get the point! :))

public class Sport{

    public function score(){ 

    public function Win(){

    public function Cheer(){

public class Soccer Inherits Sport{
    public override function score(){
        print("One goal!");

public class Boxing Inherits Sport{
    public override function score(){

// Using the classes:
Sport generalSport = new Sport(); // generalSport is just a non-specific sport
Sport soccerSport = new Soccer(); // soccerSport is a Soccer, but also a Sport!
Sport boxingSport = new Boxing(); // boxingSport is a Boxing, but also a Sport!

generalSport.Win(); // This should output: "Won!" (from Sport)
soccerSport.Win(); // ... "Cheeeeeeeeer!!!" (inherited from Sport)
boxingSport.Cheer() // ... "Cheeeeeeeeer!!!" (inherited from Sport)

generalSport.score(); // "Scored!"
soccerSport.score(); // "One Goal", since it was overridden in Soccer
boxingSport.score() // "Knockout!", since overridden in Boxing

Hint: Just think of what things "are" in real life. If X inherits Y, X may be defined as an X specifically, but it is still a Y too, and can be treated as such (only with the possibility of adding a few extra properties).

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