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Any documents or articles that contain design guidelines for creating mobile phone applications? How applications should be built for ideal user experiences.

  • User Interface & Keypad
  • Graphics
  • Languages

Links from specific manufacturers are also welcome.

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How about guidelines based on personal experience? –  MusiGenesis Sep 12 '09 at 16:08

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Microsoft's design guidelines for Windows Mobile applications is fairly okay and makes sense for most mobile applications in general: Design Guidelines

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  • Help the user avoid laborious text-entry (this applies to all phones except my beloved Samsung i760 and all other phones with a full physical keyboard)
  • Keep the screens as sparse and simple as possible - avoid the urge to cram as many controls and as much text and graphics onto a form as will fit
  • Don't write applications like "Shake the Baby"
  • Remember to test your application outside in full sunlight - mobile apps are a lot like vampires
  • Avoid device- and manufacturer-specific code whenever possible
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+1 for Avoid device- and manufacturer-specific code whenever possible. :) –  SunnyShah Sep 14 '09 at 2:37
  • high contrast (sunlight issue that MusiGenesis mentioned)
  • I tend to prefer 100% widths on everything to accommodate for multiple widths
  • For larger projects, I'll incorporate WURFL to at least get the device's screen dimensions and adjust necessary pieces like font size and or fixed-width graphics
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Some application design wisdom:

  • behaviour is consistent or predictable
  • feedback is provided
  • the user's memory is not strained
  • dialogue is task-oriented
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