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I want to Ask One Question that is More Important For Android & IOS.

We see in IOS You Can Run IOS App (Created By IOS Phone only) that app Run in Tablet Device & work As Iphone As shown in Image.

enter image description here

Is there Any Way to Run Android App (Created By Android Phone only) that app Run in Tablet Device & work As Android Phone As shown in image.

is this Possible in Android!

Any help?.

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its possible if we created the app with fragment concepts – Venkatesh S Jan 4 '13 at 9:35
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Android actually handles this better than iOS, it scales the app up. Any app on the Play store which isn't being filtered will work on any Android device.

In iOS you have different views for your iPad/iPhone on Android you use Fragments to acheive the same result see Designing for Handset and Tablet.

Personally its better on Android as you can reuse componentized UI.

IF you really want to make it look like a phone app, you can use scaled mode, (if you target your app against gingerbread targetSdk="10") then Honeycomb+ will present the users with scaled mode similar to the iOS thing. I by no means recommend this! It is the worst UX you can give your users!

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