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I am wondering if there is a Java API for HighChart (Not the exporting API) which can generate the svg based on the supplied parameters which can then be later converted to png using Batik without going anywhere near HTTP requests.

At the moment the only way I can think of is to POST to a dummy page with the Chart points then export to SVG and submit to the Export-service with Javascript which converts it into PNG with Batik which in turn returns it as an image stream.

However all I would need is to get the image stream in the JVM supplied by parameters from the DB. The above way needs 2 request-response pairs and apart from that it is not the cleanest solution, I think it generates overhead as this operation would be quite frequent on the server.

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You can prepare your own server or use solution described here: http://www.highcharts.com/component/content/article/2-news/52-serverside-generated-charts

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Yes you can use API to generate highcharts. Download and try the following project provided by One2team


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