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I am using CIContext method - (void)drawImage:(CIImage *)im inRect:(CGRect)dest fromRect:(CGRect)src to draw my image to screen. But I need to implement zoom-in/zoom-out method. How could I achieve it? I think zoom-in could be achieved increasing dest rect, because apple docs says:

The image is scaled to fill the destination rectangle.

But what about zoom-out? Because if dest rectangle is scaled down, then image is drawn in it's actual size, but only part of image is visible then (part that fits in dest rectangle).

What could you suggest?

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Did you actually try it and observe that behavior, or are you just guessing what might happen? – Kurt Revis Jan 4 '13 at 9:47
I have already tried it – hockeyman Jan 4 '13 at 11:02

You may try using this for image resizing (zooming). Hope this helps you.

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Take a look at this little toy app I made

It's to demonstrate the NSImage version of your CIContext method:

- (void)drawInRect:(NSRect)dstRect 

I did this to find out exactly how the rects relate to each other. It's interactive, you can play with the sliders and move/zoom the images. Not a solution, but it might help you work things out.

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You can use CIFilter to resize your CIImage before drawing. Quartz Composer comes with a good example of using this filter. Just look up the description of the Image Resize filter in QC.

EDIT: Another good filter for scaling is CILanczosScaleTransform. There is a snippet demonstrating basic usage.

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