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I want to pass values from the vertex shader to the fragment shader. Here is what I do for now.

#version 150

in vec2 texcoord;
out vec2 f_texcoord;

void main()
    f_texcoord = texcoord;

How can I reach the same behavior without defining two variable names texcoord and f_texcoord and eventually even get rid of the line f_texcoord = texcoord;?

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In GLSL the only way to pass attributes from the vertex shader to the fragment shader is exactly how you're doing it now - specially with texture coordinates since these usually change per-vertex (along with a position or normal in most cases).

For other properties, like colors or light positions, you could declare "global" variables instead by adding uniforms which can be used by both shaders without passing them as in-out pairs from vertex to fragment. Uniforms are usually constants that operate on a batch of vertices, rather than changing value per-vertex.

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That's to bad. I thought a a syntax like in out vec2 texcoord; to make automatically forward it to the fragment shader. – danijar Jan 4 '13 at 10:44

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