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Im trying to toggle a button without refreshing using ajax

In my micropost_helper.rb

def toggle_like_button(micropost, user)
  if user.voted_for?(micropost)
    link_to "undo", like_micropost_path(micropost), :class => "btn btn-mini btn-primary", :id =>"unvote_form_#{}", :remote => true
    link_to "Into it!", like_micropost_path(micropost), :class => "btn btn-mini btn-primary", :id =>"vote_form_#{}", :remote => true

In microposts/like.js.erb

$("#unvote_form_#{}").html("Into it!")

I think the syntax is messed up. the #{} part is not working.

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$("#unvote_form_#{}").html("Into it!")


$("#unvote_form_<}%>").html("Into it!");
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you meant $("#vote_form_<>").html("undo") $("#unvote_form_<>").html("Into it!") but thanks! – Jaqx Jan 4 '13 at 11:04
Each code line in jquery must end with a semicolon. – shweta Jan 4 '13 at 11:09

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