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I try to find out in Graphviz, how to make a label "1" colored and at the same time a hyperlink. Is this possible? Please see the example below.



 digraph vvv
 a2 [href="http://www.apple.com"]
 a0->a1[href="http://www.uk.com"] [label="1"] [color =red];


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Yes it's possible.

I'm assuming you are generating SVG output.

If by make a label "1" colored you mean the font color of the label text, it's as simple as specifying it in the edge attributes:

a0->a1[href="http://www.uk.com", fontcolor=yellow, color=red label="1"];

fontcolor refers to the color of the label's text, whereas color is the color of the edge itself.

If you want to have an edge label with a colored background, fillcolor is supposed to work. However, it doesn't (may depend on the version of graphviz). Therefore you may use HTML-like labels and specify the BGCOLOR:

 a0->a1[href="http://www.udk.com", fontcolor=red, label=<
         <TR><TD BGCOLOR="yellow">1KMK</TD></TR>
 >, color =red];
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It works! Two days and nights work - and an exellent one-hour answer! Great! Thanks a lot! F – user1948258 Jan 4 '13 at 14:13
I'm glad it helps! Since this is your first question on SO: don't forget to upvote/accept the answer. – marapet Jan 4 '13 at 14:38

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