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I am using java and Selenium WebDriver.

How can I generate report in Selenium WebDriver using java? I don't want JUnit or TestNG report.

Does anyone can help?

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Just curious, why is that you do not want to use JUnit or TestNG? – niharika_neo Jan 4 '13 at 11:51

You can set up ANT and ANT reports gives you output report more detailed than the regular TestNG or Junit report. You can customize your reports as well.

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The poster doesn't want to use JUnit or TestNG. This is the question. So, the answer should be considered without JUnit or TestNG. – Ripon Al Wasim Sep 23 '13 at 12:32

Maven "surefire plugin" , Gradle, Ant, TestNG, SauceLabs , etc. They all have reporting capabilities. You just need to write the code that generates a JUnit compatable report and which ever build tool you use (listed above) should be able to parse the result into an HTML file.

More advanced: If you want to generate your own report from the JUnit XML result or your own custom XML result, you can use a XSLT transformation to render HTML files from your XML results. Also, if you use Jenkins for CI then it can also render a report for you.

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