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development environment : Flash builder 4, SDK 4.1

source code :

if (ColonyHandler.getInstance() != null)
                    var colonyA:ColonyHandler = ColonyHandler.getInstance();
                    var colonyB:ColonyHandler = ColonyHandler.getInstance();

question : colonyA is not null, colonyB is null. getInstance() method return static variable named ' instance'. is this possible?

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ColonyHandler.getInstance() ??? –  loxxy Jan 4 '13 at 11:39

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getInstance is used on singleton classes to get the only instance of a class. This instance is to be stored as a static variable of the class itself (in your case ColonyHandler) and is likely to be called "instance". So I don't see anything wrong with what you get: you ask for the only instance of 'ColonyHandler' and get it...

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