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I have two lists, sortable and sortable connected. When I reach a limit of 5 items in the sortable connected list I don't want to be able to add another item. But if I choose to delete an item in the connected list I want that list active again. I also want to be able to continue to sort that second list.



I originally thought of using $(this).sortable("disable");

but that would disable LIST TWO entirely. I wouldn't then be able to delete an item from the list to bring it under the quota.

I also found: $(ui.sender).sortable('cancel'); which cancels the currently dragged item. Problem with this is I'm moving clones so I end up with the clone in LIST ONE and I merely want it deleted.

Note the DELETE function is when I want to delete an item from the connected list(s). Currently working. But once I reach the quota and disable the sortable. it also doesn't allow deleting an item.

Any ideas appreciated.

Working example

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Your 'working example' is not working: jQuery is not defined – A. Wolff Jan 4 '13 at 11:38
Sorry I had it pointing to LOCALHOST and I had an older version on my host than on my own computer. I've fixed it. – Niagaradad Jan 4 '13 at 11:44
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Maybe you could just set it like this in your update callback function:


if(($(this).find('li').length) >4) {
                    //alert('Player limit reached!');


if(($(this).find('li').length) >5) {

There is surely more elegant way to do this.

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Simple, thanks. New to using jquery and my javascript is pretty rusty. – Niagaradad Jan 4 '13 at 12:41

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