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i have written a function in file hello.js

function hello(Args, callback){
    modifiedData= dep1.someFunction(Args);

how would i re-use this function in other file?

h.hello("Howdy!", function(err,args){
    do something;

Any pointers?

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That looks acceptable, although it is a bit hard to read. But when your callback has err as the first argument, make sure you send a null object as the first parameter:

callback(null, modifiedData);

When you are using module.exports, then the module itself can be called as that function. So you will reuse that function like this:

h = require("./hello");
h("Howdy!", function(err, args) {
    //do smth

Otherwise, in order for your example to work, just delete module. and add the name (can be a different one):

exports.hello = hello;
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Thanks Randunel, i was calling hello.hello so it was throwing error. – Raxit Sheth Jan 4 '13 at 15:03
how to import all functions of that file? for each function i need to write exports.fun1=fun1,exports.fun2=fun2...n time? – Raxit Sheth Jan 4 '13 at 15:04

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