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The Google API Console lists 500,000 / day as the "Courtesy limit", and provides a form allowing one to request more.

My assumption is that there will be a cost attached to a higher request limit; similar to the Google Maps pricing

Where can I find the price list for the Google Drive API?

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There is no extra charge for more quota for the Google Drive API. It will be granted as long as you are making a reasonable request.

Big apps (e.g. those that make lots of requests) are good for Google Drive, and Google encourages them.

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This is very wrong. Google places a limit on Drive requests (currently 500,000 per day) and will prevent apps from accessing this service once this limit has been reached. I have seen these limits reached by Drive extension apps that integrate online. While Google wants developers to use their service, they are not going to leave the gates open and let anyone just hog up the bandwidth. –  AndroidDev Mar 20 '13 at 3:34
Sorry, you are wrong. Google will grant all reasonable requests to increase this quota, and at no cost to you. You just need to ask for more. –  Ali Afshar Mar 24 '13 at 1:47

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