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I've been working on a project where I need a synchronized queue, for the reason that my program is multi-threaded and the thread may access this queue. I used arraylist to do that, but I seem to have some issues with it and threads got deadlocked. I don't know if the queue is the reason, but I just wanted to check:

public class URLQueue {
    private ArrayList<URL> urls;

    public URLQueue() {
        urls = new ArrayList<URL>();

    public synchronized URL remove() throws InterruptedException {
        while (urls.isEmpty())
        URL r = urls.remove(0);
        return r;

    public synchronized void add(URL newURL) throws InterruptedException {

    public int getSize() {
        return urls.size();

EDITS: Even when using LinkedBlockingQueue I get stuck in the same loop as before. I think this is caused because there is a thread which is waiting for the queue to be filled, but it never does because the other functionalities are done running...any ideas???

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Out of interest, why not use an existing queue class specifically designed for the purpose? – NPE Jan 4 '13 at 12:27
Why don't you use a Queue? Java has plenty implementations of that builtin already. – fge Jan 4 '13 at 12:27
I would use an ExecutorService as this wraps a Queue and a thread pool in one. There are built queues which do what you want, but you don't even need to use them directly. – Peter Lawrey Jan 4 '13 at 12:29
If you are getting a deadlock, where is the deadlock occuring as this is the code you should be looking at. Using a debugger or jstack to see the state of all the threads and find out what it is doing when a deadlock occurs. – Peter Lawrey Jan 4 '13 at 12:30
I'll loop up the Queue class and might use it. thank you! – unknown Jan 4 '13 at 12:32
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It is better to use LinkedBlockingQueue here as it is designed for that purpose. It waits until some element is available while trying to remove an alement.


It provides a take() method which

Retrieves and removes the head of this queue, waiting if necessary until an element becomes available

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Thank you so much – unknown Jan 4 '13 at 12:46
Though even with this class used in my program, I still get into an infinite loop – unknown Jan 4 '13 at 12:55
then we need to see your code, there are possibly other problems – vishal_aim Jan 4 '13 at 12:58
I've edited my post. If you still be needing the code let me know – unknown Jan 4 '13 at 12:59
"because there is a thread which is waiting for the queue to be filled" you do NOT need this, why are you waiting? – vishal_aim Jan 4 '13 at 13:03

In your code, notifyAll() doesn't throw InterruptedException so you should remove the throws from add()

The remove() method doesn't need to notifyAll() as it's action shouldn't wake other threads.

The getSize() method should be synchronized.

Otherwise there is no chance for your code to deadlock as you need two locks to create a deadlock.

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