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I am trying to translate a image using matrix my code is

Bitmap myImg = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.calednder_c);

Matrix matrix = new Matrix();

matrix.setTranslate(500,300 );
Bitmap rotated = Bitmap.createBitmap(myImg, 0, 0, myImg.getWidth(), myImg.getHeight(),
        matrix, true);


when i am calling my animate method nothing happening .while i wrote preRotate(angle); it rotate and it scale also but not translate why what i am missing

Thanks in advance

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Here is the respective snippet from the createBitmap source code:

final boolean transformed = !m.rectStaysRect();

RectF deviceR = new RectF();
m.mapRect(deviceR, dstR);

neww = Math.round(deviceR.width());
newh = Math.round(deviceR.height());

bitmap = createBitmap(neww, newh, transformed ? Config.ARGB_8888 : newConfig,
        transformed || source.hasAlpha());

canvas.translate(-deviceR.left, -deviceR.top);

paint = new Paint();
if (transformed) {

It makes the created bitmap just big enough to hold all the desired pixels from the original bitmap. This is caused by the new size and the canvas.translate call.

The net effect is that translations in the matrix are ignored.

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