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I want to be able to type my search query into an input field and while typing, get a drop-down with suggestions for matched objects in my Django database.

The search should match only some specific tables and only search specific columns, however, the returned object must have a full row of content.

The only thing I've got at the moment is JQuery Chosen, which does most of what i want.

  1. It gives suggestions in a drop-down
  2. It is possibly to search for a name and in return get an ID
  3. Can search any list of data

My trouble with Chosen is that it returns only one value, so if I use it to search IDs from multiple tables, it might return identical data.

What I am considering is to do some magic with Json and Ajax, however, those two are very new acquaintances of mine, so I'd like to know, if there is a better solution?

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The short answer, No.

You should work this out with Ajax and JSON like you suggested yourself.

Hint, the terminology is called typeahead.

Also it sounds like you are trying to implement a basic search using the Django ORM. Although practice is a good teacher, you ought to look into libraries like django-haystack, possibly with a search engine that is easy to set up like Whoosh. This will allow you to setup different models for searching easily.

Haystack is well documented so it should be understandable. Your question is rather broad so I would try to set things up and ask questions on a more detailed level accordingly.

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+1 for Haystack. – Daniel Roseman Jan 4 '13 at 13:16
Does haystack support typeahead though? From skimming the promotion it looked like it was based around form posts – Eldamir Jan 7 '13 at 6:59

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