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I am currently writing some canvas-stuff and of course I use window.requestAnimationFrame. I usually have some global draw or loop method that calls the appropriate draw methods of the objects I want to draw and passes the canvas and context objects to them.

Now I was asking myself (since I have only one object with a draw method) if I could strip away that global draw method and pass the Object's draw method directly to window.requestAnimationFrame. Of course I had to use Function.bind to be able to use this properly - also I had to bind canvas and context as arguments to that shortcut.

Wondering if there was any performance impact I wrote a test on jsperf.

Turns out that the shortcut method is about 5-7% slower.

Why is that?

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I can't tell for sure, but .bind has a lot of code to check for a new call, to concatenate bound arguments and passed arguments, etc. The code is more complicated than your custom function where you've left that all out. –  pimvdb Jan 4 '13 at 12:59

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