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I am plotting a graph with several lines on it, and would like to assign to each line a particular label that will be shown in the legend.

This gives the same label to each line:

import pylab as P
connection = pymongo.Connection("mongodb://localhost", safe=True)
db = connection.stuff
data = stuff.collection

for i in data.find():
    for element in i["counts"]:
    P.plot(a, label="first line")

I have a lot of data, my documents are structured in this way :

{name:..., data:..., counts:[{total:...,...},{total:...,...}]}

How can I assign a different label to each line within that snippet of code? Thank you!

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If you want to get your attribute from your data, you could do something of this style:

for i in data.find():
    somename = i["name"][??]        #maybe you can extract your label from here ?
    for element in i["counts"]:
    P.plot(a, label=somename)       # and use it here

Also, you should call legend() only once after all plots are finished.

Although not related with your question, note you can also build your list in this way:

for i in data.find():
    a = [element['total'] for element in i['counts']]
    P.plot(a, label=somename)
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