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I successfully opened a jsTree node branch with below line of code.

$('#jsTree').jstree("open_all", currentNode);

After this line, I need to select currentNode's first child. For that, I wrote below line of code.

currentNode = currentNode.children("ul").children("li:first");

But, it's not working!

Any suggestions will be helpful.

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You have to select the new current node: $('#jsTree').jstree("select_node", currentNode);.

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This line of code will ONLY open the child nodes of the specified node (i.e. currentNode)

$('#jsTree').jstree("open_all", currentNode);

The next statement that you are using is ONLY updating the reference of currentNode from parent node to the first child node.

currentNode = currentNode.children("ul").children("li:first");

This statement has nothing to do with the selection of the node. To select the first child node you have to call the select method explicitly

$('#jsTree').jstree("select_node", currentNode);

Note: Depending on your data-source, you many not be able to get the reference of first child using the above code. In my test case, having JSON data-source, the reference was available through

currentNode = currentNode.children("ul").children("li")[0];


currentNode = currentNode.children("ul").children("li:first")[0];
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