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I want to print a date range as string using R. Following is what I did

> startDate <- as.Date("2005-02-02")
> endDate <- as.Date("2005-02-07")
> dates <- startDate:endDate
> dates
[1] 12816 12817 12818 12819 12820 12821

Here instead of showing the date as a string as done when we print startDate

> startDate
[1] "2005-02-02"

It it showing the epochdays.

What I actually want was the string representation of the dates and not epoch days. I even tried the following without any luck

> as.character(dates)
[1] "12816" "12817" "12818" "12819" "12820" "12821"

How can I print the date string rather than epoch days?

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dates <- seq(startDate,endDate,by="day")

You may want to look at ?seq.Date.

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+1 -- Also, to be more explicit: your range has to be of type Date, hence seq(), your rendering of it will use format() (which is invoked by print()) which you can do by hand too: format(dates, "%Y-%b-%d") just to pick a different style. – Dirk Eddelbuettel Jan 4 '13 at 13:32

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