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How can you change the color of a bar in a JavaFX BarChart.

I couldnt find a way to change the color through the css setStyle Method.

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you can set color of bar using css

.default-color0.chart-bar { -fx-bar-fill: ***** }
.default-color1.chart-bar { -fx-bar-fill: ***** }

Using setStyle Method :

use lookupAll method in Node class,

Finds all Nodes, including this one and any children, which match the given CSS selector. If no matches are found, an empty unmodifiable set is returned. The set is explicitly unordered.

code :

  //set first bar color
  for(Node n:barChart.lookupAll(".default-color0.chart-bar")) {
            n.setStyle("-fx-bar-fill: red;");
   //second bar color
   for(Node n:barChart.lookupAll(".default-color1.chart-bar")) {
            n.setStyle("-fx-bar-fill: green;");
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Thank you for your answer. But how can I do this with the setStyle Method? – Whatever Jan 9 '13 at 9:45
see my updated answer :) – invariant Jan 10 '13 at 16:50

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