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I threw together this Perl one-liner to determine the Stata "ds_format" of some files...

for file in *.dta; do perl -MParse::Stata::DtaReader -e 'open my $fileHandle, "<", @ARGV; my $dta = new Parse::Stata::DtaReader($fileHandle); print "$ARGV[0] is in STATA ds_format " . $dta->{ds_format} ,"\n\n";' $file; done

... but I assume there's a way to use the command line stata command to get the same information. Is there? The script above prints for my files:

study1a.dta is in STATA ds_format 113

study1b.dta is in STATA ds_format 115

study2.dta is in STATA ds_format 115

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I hoped that someone had the answer (you can run Stata in batch mode, but I can't find a command the yields ds_format). Try the Statalist; it is very active. stata.com/statalist –  Richard Herron Jan 4 '13 at 19:23
Could you use shell to run this Perl script? –  Dimitriy V. Masterov May 10 '13 at 20:42

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