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I'am use Yii-framework, and Yii-bootstrap extension. So, i want handle tooltip to other tag.
By default, tooltip handle to elements like this:

<a href="javascript:void(0);" rel="tooltip" title="title">link</a>

I find method registerTooltip on Bootstrap Component:

public function registerTooltip($selector = null, $options = array())
    if (!isset($options['selector']))
        $options['selector'] = $selector !== null ? $selector : 'a[rel=tooltip]';
    $this->registerPlugin(self::PLUGIN_TOOLTIP, 'body', $options);

And then, i use this in my view file (i can do this in Controller, too)

    $oBootstrap = new Bootstrap();
    $oBootstrap->registerTooltip('*[rel="tooltip"]', array('selector' => '*[rel=tooltip]'));

How make it right, without extend registerTooltip and without calling registerTooltip in view file?

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