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@foreach (var commentlist in Model.Comments.Where(x => x.CommentParentID == 0)) {

                    <div class="blog-comment">
                        <div class="comment-info">
                            <div class="user-info">
                                @if (commentlist.AllowViewingProfiles)
                                    <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("CustomerProfile", new { id = commentlist.CustomerId })" class="username">@(commentlist.CustomerName)</a>
                                    <span class="username">@(commentlist.CustomerName)</span>
                                <div class="avatar">
                                    @if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(commentlist.CustomerAvatarUrl))
                                        <img src="@(commentlist.CustomerAvatarUrl)" class="avatar-img" title="avatar" alt="avatar" />
                        <div class="comment-content">
                            <div class="comment-time">
                                @T("Blog.Comments.CreatedOn"): <span class="stat-value">@commentlist.CreatedOn.ToString("g")</span>
                                <div class="buttons">
                                    <input type="submit" id="reply" class="button-1 blog-post-add-comment-button" onclick="return showHide();" />
                            <div class="comment-body">
                                @Html.Raw(Nop.Core.Html.HtmlHelper.FormatText(commentlist.CommentText, false, true, false, false, false, false))

                        <div class="clear">

I am using @Html.Hidden("CommentParentID",@commentlist.Id) to set value CommentParentID for ChildComment if any.

In below action i want to pass CommentParentID as parameter.

 @Html.ActionLink("Reply", "BlogCommentReply", "Blog", new { blogPostId = blogPostId, CommentParentID=CommentParentID,captchaValid = Model.AddNewComment.DisplayCaptcha }, null)

How i can retrieve this hidden field value in Controller? Or How i can pass that value?

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How i can retrieve this hidden field value in Controller?

By having your controller action an argument with the same name as your hidden field:

public ActionResult SomeAction(string[] commentParentID)


Notice that here I have used a collection because from what I can see you are putting those hidden fields inside a loop meaning that you will have multiple hidden elements with the same name POSTed to the server.

You could also use an array of integers of those Ids are integers.

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The easiest way is through ajax something like this


 public void Method1(string val1, string val2)
            ///do what you want with the values

Page/Ajax call

 function PostData() {
                url: 'Home/Method1',
                data: { val1: $('#hidden1').val(), val2: $('#hidden2').val()},
                success: function (data) {
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I am not using ajax anywhere. – NetraSW Jan 4 '13 at 14:12
how about form? It seems your HTML page has no form. Please take note that without submitting a Form or Posting using Ajax you cannot pass field values from page to a controller. – Jobert Enamno Jan 4 '13 at 14:14

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