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I am working on a Windows RT/Windows Store App and when performing a RaisePropertyChanged("...") call in my code (using the MVVM-light framework, this should be very similar to the standard OnPropertyChanged if I was to directly implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface - in fact I tested both) it is very slow.

Delays before the UI updates occur do vary; I raise a property changed event to disable a button and three text boxes, however to do this update on the UI it typically takes between 1.5-2 seconds. Quite frustrating. Why is this not instant? My .xaml view is not very complex.

On my button Command:

        SubmitCommand = new RelayCommand<string>(RunSubmitCommand);
        private async void RunSubmitCommand(string param)
            submitted = true;
            RaisePropertyChanged(() => CanSubmit);
            RaisePropertyChanged(() => CanEnterValues);

Properties look like this:

        public bool CanSubmit
            // formatted for readability on SO
            // IsField1Valid, IsField2Valid, IsField3Valid I should mention 
            // just resolve nullable bool's
            get { return !submitted && 
                         IsField1Valid.GetValueOrDefault() && 
                         IsField2Valid.GetValueOrDefault() && 
                         IsField3Valid.GetValueOrDefault(); }

        public bool CanEnterValues
            get { return !submitted; }

Text fields and submit button look like this on .xaml:

<TextBox x:Name="TextField1Box" TabIndex="1" Text="{Binding Field1}" 
  IsEnabled="{Binding CanEnterValues}" Style="{StaticResource ValueTextBoxStyle}"
  LostFocus="Field1TextBox_LostFocus" />
... x 2 more

<Button x:Name="SubmitButton" TabIndex="4" Command="{Binding SubmitCommand}"
  Content="Submit Values" IsEnabled="{Binding CanSubmit}" 
  Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyle}" />

Any ideas on the delay would be greatly appreciated.


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Can you create a small repro project to test it? It should be instant. – Filip Skakun Jan 4 '13 at 14:56
Yes I might try this, I do have a countdown <TextBlock /> which is counting down from 60 seconds, I wonder if the update could be getting queued or something? :\ – GONeale Jan 4 '13 at 15:23
Perhaps it somehow blocks the UI thread for a second when it waits. Or some animation causes an implicit change of CacheMode to BitmapCache and that prevents the change from showing up. – Filip Skakun Jan 4 '13 at 15:38
Sorry been really busy, will try and do this tomorrow night. – GONeale Jan 8 '13 at 13:50

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