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I have a situation whereby i need to implement the Partial Participant, that is, syncronize data from a central server (sql server) to an (xml, mdf or movable datasouce). This movable datasource will then be copied to a remote location and will be synchronized to a remote server (sql server). Note that i have already implemented the MS Sync Frame work 2 solution for a connected environment using WCF (full proxy participant). Any pointers or samples on how i can start for the Partial Participant scenario?

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if its not a very big database, you can just sync a SQL Compact database to your central server, send the SQL Compact DB to remote location and sync it with the remote server and vice versa.

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thanks JuneT, will certainly try that solution, it looks feasible –  user1948801 Jan 9 '13 at 18:49

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