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In my code I am animating objects on each carousel item like so:

first_text1.fadeTo(textDuration, 1, function(){
    second_text1.fadeTo(textDuration, 1);

When the slide changes I call the following where $animations contains all the objects which have any animation added to them:

$animations.stop(true, true);

and then I call:

$animations.each(function() {

to remove any of the inline CSS which is left by the animations so I can repeat the animations when returning to that slide.

My problem is the style never gets removed from the second callback animation which would be second_text1 in the above code.

How can I fix this?

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Without seeing $animations, its hard to say why the second_text1's style is not being removed. However, through personal experience, I noticed that the problem with jQuery(':animated') is it only finds objects that are in the process of animating. The moment the animation is complete, the object is no longer consider :animated.

The being said, I recommend adding a class to each object you want animated and use that as the selector rather than $animations.

So I would make the following changes:

  1. Add the class before the animation, in this case .fadeTo()

    first_text1.addClass('animatedClass').fadeTo(textDuration, 1, function(){
        second_text1.addClass('animatedClass').fadeTo(textDuration, 1);
  2. Change $animations to the class

    $('.animatedClass').stop(true, true);
    $('.animatedClass').each(function() {


Hope this is what you are looking for. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Happy coding!

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Not exactly, my fault for not sharing enough code. Still quality answer, +1 – Rick Donohoe Jan 4 '13 at 17:30
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The problem here turned out to be the selectors in the variables, where some had more than one variable.


var first_text2 = $('li#region-2 .text-elements h2, li#region-2 .text-elements h3');
var second_text2 = $('li#region-2 .text-elements p');

Thee removeAttr function was not working properly on all of the elements in the variable. To fix this I had to call

first_text2.each( function() {

Apologies for not displaying more code in my question originally!!

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