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The "close" button is appearing as the text "close," with no styling to make it look like what a user would expect to see for closing a dialog.

Isn't a graphical 'X' icon the default close button?

How do I style it to look right?

Here's my dialog initialization (if I leave out the "closeText" option then it defaults to "close" in the upper-left-hand corner of the dialog box):

$("#signInDialog").dialog({ dialogClass: "login",
                            zIndex: 20,
                            modal: true,
                            closeText: 'X'
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There is a default close icon in jQuery UI framework:

.ui-icon-close{background-position:-80px -128px}


.ui-icon-circle-close{background-position:-32px -192px}

Just take a look into generated CSS and make sure you downloaded the framework correctly (with all images).

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That's it - I forgot to add the CSS and images to my project. – Nate Reed Jan 4 '13 at 15:26

Try using this value instead of 'X'.... the value is ×

use it similar to this... wherever you need...

<a id="some_id">&#215;</a>

might work...

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