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I have MS Word files that have a header with 2 Text Boxes and one image (as logo) and some tables, texts and images in body.
I'm trying to remove the image in header (logo) with this VBA code:

Dim tmp As Shape
Dim dShape As Shape

For Each tmp In ActiveDocument.Sections(1).Headers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Shapes
    If tmp.Type = msoPicture Then
        Set dShape = tmp
    End If

In the first test it worked correctly! After that it removes body image instead of header image!!!

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It seems we should first select the Shape we want to delete!!
I don't know why when I say shape1.Delete it thinks : let me see, mmmm... I think i is better to do shape2.Delete , so i'll do that.
any way this works:


VBA is a fool (Just like its platform)!

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